Sussex East Area Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

The Religious Society of Friends, often called Quakers, was founded more than 350 years ago when George Fox and his followers discovered that the qualities of Christianity were more important than its dogma. Since then Friends have tried to live by this principle and have become known for their quiet conviction, their concern for peace and justice and their belief that business and commerce can thrive without disregarding Christian values. Although Friends emphasize the teachings of Jesus and try to live by his example, they are open to the lessons to be learned from life's experience and to the insights of other faiths. All accept the existence of a universal spiritual life and the overwhelming power of love.

The Meeting for Worship is based on silence and is not led by a priest or minister. Out of a 'quiet waiting on God' anyone is free to speak, pray, or read a passage from the Bible or other source of inspiration and, in so doing, contribute to a 'gathered meeting' in which a deep sense of oneness and harmony becomes a profoundly spiritual experience.

This Area Meeting is the administrative unit consisting of the following Quaker Meetings in East Sussex:

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