The meeting has a very active and lively children's group which meets every Sunday.

A number of adults take turns to organise the activities which are structured and follow several themes. Our aim is not to force our own beliefs on our children, but to help them to find truth in their own experience. We share our knowledge with them, but we also learn from them. We are centred on Quaker and Christian teaching, but we respect and enjoy the light that we see in other religions and cultures. The children learn about Quaker history and about the modern world. Our classes include art and crafts, plays, a lot of talk and discussion, and brief periods of silence.

Our picture shows a play which told the story of how Quakers encountered North American Indians and were accepted by them. (For those who haven't met us, let us assure you that traditional Quaker dress is now worn only for plays, and not every day).


More recently the adults and children re-enacted the story of how, in the 17th century, the children of Reading Meeting kept the meeting going when all of the adults were in prison.


The children leave their class in time to join the adults in the Meeting Room. Many come into the silence and settle into it quite naturally, while others take some time to learn how to cope with it. As long as children are happy, we would rather have noisy children in our meeting than none at all, and few things bring more warmth into the meeting than the contented gurgling of a baby.