Disabled access

There are three steps from the porch into the Meeting Room. A portable ramp is available for wheel chairs, but this takes a little while to put into place, so it is useful to ask Friends in advance if this is likely to be needed. There is plenty of space in the Meeting Room for wheel chairs, and there is wheel chair access to toilets. From the Meeting room there are two steep steps down to the library and children's room where refreshments are served, but there are grab handles and a rail by the steps. Otherwise access is through the garden and the fire doors.

Most of the seating in the Meeting Room consists of the traditional benches, but there is alterntive seating and there are "backfriends" for those who would like to sit on the benches but would prefer firmer support.

The Meeting Room has a hearing loop system which should be switched on during every meeting, but if you are dependent on this you might ask a Friend at the door to check that it is working.